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Woods 18561910 lewis latimer 18481928 garrett morgan 18771963. This is seen as the single most important invention in human history. My invention book students try to create their own invention and document the process in a book. The second chapter in this book will give you more information about the use of patents. Read on to learn more about the inventions and life of eli whitney or alternatively download our comprehensive worksheet pack. The earliest form of patents might have existed in the 500 bc in sybaris, greece where monopolies were granted to new dishes for a period of one year. The role of the uspto is to grant patents for the protection of inventions and to register trademarks. For a patent to be granted, a large amount of research must be done to insure that the invention is new and unique and that it is completely the idea of the inventor. Engage students with this bundle on george washington carver, ruby bridges, jackie robinson, and sojourner truth. In 2003, he received patents on pressurefingerprint scanners. This inventors and inventions activity packet and worksheets has 49 pages no prep required so the packet is great as printable worksheets for an invention unit or extra work or sub plans or to enhance a literacy or math unit. The largest womans organization happens to be the national council of negro women.

In 1770, crispus attucks, whose father was african and mother was a nantucket indian, became the first casualty of the american revolution when he was shot and killed in what became known as the boston massacre. A hard lesson from history on february 14, 1876, alexander graham bell applied for a patent on an apparatus that could transmit speech electrically, beating out his rival, elisha gray, by just two hours. Also visit the history detectives site under investigative techniques and further explore patents with the link patent searches. The steps include brainstorming ideas, applying for a patent, and creating a prototype. This article gives a brief history of patenting, and discusses the. Important inventors comprehension ford this worksheet has 2 printed pages. A brief history of the patent law of the united states. The doctors agenda, incorporating lists of detailed questions, should not dominate the history taking. This right is sometimes termed an intellectual property right and is viewed as an encouragement for innovation.

Born before the civil war in massachusetts, he would eventually be inducted into the national inventors hall of fame. Patent memorandum map telegram press release report advertisement congressional record census report other written document analysis worksheet 2. After reading about this important scientist, students will answer. One worksheet per group with everyones name on it is ok. History inventors worksheet study guide by hazelsun190 includes 32 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. This worksheet is for students learning about important inventors in history. Woods circa 1887, lewis howard latimer in 1882, and elijah mccoy were three famous african american inventors in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The history of patents and patent law is generally considered to have started with the venetian statute of 1474. Alexander graham bell, henry bessemer, thomas alva edison, abraham gesner, william le baron jenney, william kelly, christopher. And there are fees involved, but we wont worry about that here. Industrial revolution inventors and inventions worksheet.

Brainstorming one of the best ways to collect ideas for developing an innovation or invention is to take a. The filing of a patent application serves as conception and constructive reduction to practice of the subject matter described in the application. Rb al l p o i n t c s p e q eb hu be v aa k h z r e p n l c tp hon e j l e e a er b u l b i a p s t lr gg b f my hc t lf i to i g eoor itractor s pc tr a j l i c s m e j ede s r u b b e r e a a ue yt a s u i p answer key 1 phone 2 rubber 3 telescope 4 ballpoint 5 bulb 6 satellite 7. The real patent process can drag on for years, with the inventor being sent back to the drawing board before their patent is finally granted. Inventions and patents is the first of wipos learn from the past, create the future.

In 1875, alexander graham bell developed the first telephone. Worksheets are twenty five landmark cases in supreme court history, pattern block lessons, life and health insurance, concentrations and dilutions, study guide for. Legal history annual meeting and the intellectual property scholars conference at depaul. Patent notice from pearson worksheets lesson worksheets. In your group, design a new invention and complete the following worksheet. Canada also recognizes black history month each february, while countries such as the united kingdom and the netherlands celebrate in october. The patent for an unauthorized device having the capabilities of being locked through biometric technology was created by dr. In 500 bc, in the greek city of sybaris located in what is now southern italy, encouragement was held out to all who should discover any new.

Interesting letterhead handwritten typed seals notations received stamp other 3. Now just under 150 years later you are reading information thousands of miles from your location in seconds. Great inventions worksheet 1 1 write, then find and circle. History worksheet b fill the gaps below to complete the name of the first president of the united states, whose term of office was from 1789 to 1797.

The was invented discovered in date the first vaccine for smallpox 1798 the suspension bridge the telephone 1876 the electric light the structure of. A quick in class worksheet that helps students to understand the differences between patent, trademark and. Written document analysis worksheet national archives. The sheets of drawings should be numbered in consecutive arabic numerals, starting with 1, within the. Intellectual property ip patch worksheet now that you know about ip, patents, trademarks, and copyrights complete this worksheet to obtain your ip patch. Intellectual property worksheet teaching resources. Prepared by the center for the history of physics at aip 1 lesson plan. Match the name of the inventor in the left column with their invention in the right column. It would be very difficult to live even a single minute without the benefit of some invention. Patent rights play an important role in global economy. This is a great activity for kids studying womens rights, or. My invention book printable 3rd 5th grade teachervision. Many of these activities are options for kids at all levels betw. This is an example of some of the information found in a patent.

Prepared by the center for history of physics at aip name. Important inventors comprehension ford instant worksheets. Information from its description page there is shown below. Fillin the blanks below with your invention information to demonstrate your knowledge. Lawyers advised him to get a patent, but he was always adamantly opposed to it. Some even contend that the patents originated in the roman empire where guilds existed, but its uncertain whether the guilds. Meet a few of americas most inspirational female figures with this history sheet. A good history is one which reveals the patients ideas, concerns and expectations as well as any accompanying diagnosis. Inventor name of person or people who came up with the invention title company name references cited filing date application number drawings abstract date of issue patent number name of. Innovation is great student worksheets teachingenglish. Public perception of the patent system has swung widely over the years from highs, such as those in the late nineteenth century when mark twain could write a country without a patent office and good patent laws was just a crab and couldnt travel anyway but sideways or backwards,1 to lows in the midtwentieth century when it could be written the only patent that is valid is one. Can you fill in the missing words for the questions below.

Unique physical characteristics of the document check one or more. Fee sheets should give all relevant details, such as deposit account number or. H enry blair was the second african american to be issued a patent, in 1834. Ipr initiatives are developing fast all over the world. When a invention is created it can be protected by a patent. There is some evidence that some form of patent rights was recognized in ancient greece. The designs were an entirely new idea, something that was almost movielike in conception.

Teach february and black history month activities like never before. A patent is the record that explains and diagrams an inventors new invention. Students might also enjoy researching the history of a patent on something that they find interesting. Inventors are the people who make science fiction a reality. Inventors and inventions free printable worksheet world history industrial revolution industrial revolution worksheets students are asked to research and report upon the following inventors. In this ohio history lesson, 5th graders study the inventors and inventions from ohio. For many years archeologists believed that pottery was first invented in the near east around modern iran where they had found pots dating back to 9,000 bc. Entire library worksheets fifth grade seasons famous women in history. Eli whitney was an american inventor best known for inventing the cotton gin. Patents a patent is the legal right of an inventor to exclude others from making or using a particular invention. In the united states, black history month traces its start back to 1915, the organization that is now known as the association for the study of african american life and history was founded by historian. Manual of patent practice intellectual property office. Students create a class timeline using the patent year for their selected inventor or invention. An historical perspective on software patents university of.

On a professional note, it has helped me pass 2 out of the for 4 single subject. A patent granted in one country cannot be enforced in another country unless the invention is patented in that country also. We have sayings like, its the best thing since sliced bread, and dont reinvent the wheel that reflect our strong connection to inventions of all kinds. Thus the inventor need not provide evidence of either conception or actual reduction to practice when relying on the content of the patent application. I am a 7thgrade teacher and often use it for language arts and world history. Great inventions worksheet 1 macmillan young learners. Spread sheets have never been a subject of serious scholarly study.

Students will love learning with these close reads, crafts, vocabulary words, creati. Displaying all worksheets related to patent notice from pearson. At one point his personal finances were so bad that his house in kansas was repossessed by. This comprehensive guide to world history is an incredible addition to any social studies class is packed with over 127 pages of facts, information and trivia on many of the most important historical events in the history of mankind.

This was one of the key inventions of the industrial revolution and shaped the economy of the antebellum south. In the 1960s, however, older pots from 10,000 bc were found on honshu island. Day 5 the teacher will need to introduce the concepts of. In modern times, patents help us to determine when, where and by whom an invention was invented. The consequences of invention secrecy harvard business school. African american inventor lewis latimer is the patent holder for seven different inventions including the carbon filament used in early electric light bulbs. Intellectual property office is an operating name of the patent office.

Eric stasik, author of patent or perish, and founder of the patent engineering firm patent08. Students will read a paragraph about henry ford, then answer questions about what theyve read. History study guide for kids pdf world history worksheet. Your student will match up each woman with her accomplishment. The worksheet will be due at the beginning of class next week.

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